Invoiced makes it easy to add and update customers. While a customer can be added when creating an invoice, a customer can also be created simply by selecting:

Customers > New Customer

You will be prompted to add a name, account number (this will generate if left blank), and an email address. On the New customer set up, you can also add a payment method, billing address, specify allowed payment methods, and allow chasing on the customers profile. If you do not know this information, you can leave these items blank.

Creating a Customer

Once a customer is created, you can apply invoices, pending line items, and subscriptions to the customers account.

Adding a Payment Method

Customer records also allows you to store a payment method on the customer's account. Simply access the customer by finding the customer in Invoiced.

Under the Payment Method section, you can add a payment method to use for the customer.

Add a Payment Method

Additional Contacts

Want to add more contacts to a customers account to receive invoice notifications? Simply access the customer account that needs additional contacts added and press the "Add" button. Add the contact and check the box for copy on account communications.

Add a Contact